Mobile App Prototyping

Now Hunchapp allows you to creat prototypes for your mobile apps. Using this cool feature; you can get mobile app prototype on fly using following steps.

1Sign in to your account.

2If you are already sign in; Go to prototypes dashboard page and click "New Prototype" as showing in image below.

3After Click on "New Prototype", it will popup "Create Prototype" dialog. Now you're nearly done after completing these quick steps showing in image below.

  • Add Name of your prototype.
  • Select the for which device and resolution you are going to create this prototype.
  • Select the default Orientation of preview for device. It indicates how your prototype will be previewed on selected device. Portrait is default selected orientation
    (Note:You can change this orientation later while you are testing your prototype design.)
  • Click Crate Prototype and that's it.

4Your prototype is created, now its time to upload your awesome designs to prototype.

  1. Click dark area on this page and select multiple desings from your computer and upload it.
    (Note:You can also drag multiple designs from your computer and drop here to upload)
  2. It will start uploading your designs simaltaniously and let it finish.
  3. Select the logo of your mobile app and upload it using "+" sign in white box.

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